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Fire Extinguishers

Check all your fire extinguishers every year


Fire Extinguisher Servicing Edinburgh

AIM Fire and Security offer fire extinguisher servicing in Edinburgh to ensure that your fire extinguishers are safe and fully functioning so that you are prepared in the event of a fire. In accordance with the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire Safety Scotland Regulations, all portable fire extinguishers need to be serviced once a year by a competent person.

At AIM Fire and Security, we have a team of fire extinguisher technicians, who can complete extensive and reliable fire extinguisher servicing in Edinburgh to ensure your fire-fighting equipment is in good working order. Following BS5306, the British Standard for fire extinguishing installations, our fire experts can make sure your extinguishers are fully compliant, safe to use and will be ready to help in a fire-fighting situation.

What is included in fire extinguisher servicing?

It is recommended that you have all fire extinguishers checked every year. Regular servicing is a legal requirement as part of the Fire Safety Scotland Regulations to make sure that fire-fighting equipment is in a state of good repair and efficient working order.

During an AIM Fire and Security extinguisher service, our technicians will;

  • Check for any dents, scratches or damage to the body of the extinguisher
  • Look for any rust and corrosion
  • Remove and check the hose for splitting, fraying and rust
  • Ensure the tamper seal is in place and the lock pin is intact
  • Make sure the weight and pressure are correct.

For an annual service, our skilled technicians will come to complete the service at your premises for ease and convenience. After a service is complete, our technician will then advise on how to keep your fire equipment in good working order.

Fire extinguisher servicing Edinburgh for all premises

Regardless of the size of your business or premises, AIM Fire and Security will conduct all types of fire extinguisher servicing whether you have a few or many fire extinguishers. Our friendly, skilled technicians will happily visit your premises to perform a full fire extinguisher service for all of your equipment.

As well as servicing, we will take the time to offer advice to our customers on how they can help to maintain their fire equipment so that it remains safe and compliant. Customer safety and protection is our priority, and we want to make sure every business is protected by functioning fire extinguishers that are serviced to high British Standards quality.

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