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Fire Alarms

Why your premises need a fire alarm system

Fire Alarm Systems Edinburgh

Fire can devastate lives and properties. Without the right fire and smoke detection equipment in place, then the impacts of fire can be fatal. Fire alarms are an essential detection system that can help to give as much warning as possible so that people can safely leave the building and the fire service can arrive as quickly as they can to lessen the damage. At AIM Fire and Security, we provide effective fire alarm systems to suit all types of premises.

Why your premises need a fire alarm system

The most obvious reason for installing a fire alarm system is to save lives in the event of a fire. As soon as a fire alarm sounds, it gives people the chance to evacuate from a building safely before the fire spreads and causes fatalities and devastation.

For businesses in Edinburgh and across Scotland, it is a legal requirement for premises to be equipped with suitable fire alarms, detectors and fire-fighting equipment. As well as having the correct system in place, the Fire Safety Order 2006 states that the fire alarm system must be installed and maintained by a competent person.

At AIM Fire and Security, we follow the British Standard guide, BS5839, the standard for fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings, when installing and maintaining fire alarm systems in Edinburgh for every client. We make sure that all fire alarm systems meet the maximum safety standards to help protect lives and premises from fire.

Our team is well-trained in designing and installing effective fire alarm systems that meet the needs of every premise. Working with each client, we work hard to determine the requirements so that we can supply and install a robust system that can not only detect life-threatening situations but also reduce the number of false alarms.

What’s included in a fire alarm system installation in Edinburgh?

During a fire alarm system installation, we will consider a number of options to suit your premises and fire requirements. Aspects include;

  • Choosing the necessary fire panel requirements
  • Supplying the right types of detectors
  • Designing the connection and zoning of the system
  • Connective sensors, sounders and detectors
  • Testing the system
  • Certifying the installation against the required standards.

Once installed, we also offer fire alarm system maintenance to make sure that your system remains functional at all times.


Installation of fire alarm systems in Edinburgh

As experts in fire alarm systems, we can help to supply, fit and maintain your fire alarm systems that offer complete peace of mind. For a weight off your mind, contact AIM Fire and Security to discuss your alarm system requirements by calling 0131 510 1151.

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