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Well-designed and strategically placed

CCTV Installation Edinburgh

CCTV systems are a vital security system that can help to prevent theft, damage and crimes at your premises. CCTV systems can not only capture information to help protect your premises, but they can also help to deter criminals and prevent wrongdoing. At AIM Fire and Security, we install and maintain CCTV systems for business and homes in Edinburgh.

With over 15 years of security expertise, the team at AIM Fire and Security pride themselves on the most efficient and practical CCTV installation designs and work with all of their clients to install the right CCTV system for every need. What’s more, AIM Fire and Security guarantee all of their work and install CCTV in accordance with British and European Standards for complete peace of mind.


Why install CCTV?

For many businesses, CCTV is a crucial element of their overall security system. In order to be effective, CCTV must be well-designed and strategically placed. At AIM Fire and Security, we focus on making sure each CCTV installation is cost-effective and extensive, to make sure every client gets the most out of their CCTV system.

CCTV provides many benefits including;

  • Cost saving in preventing theft
  • Deter pilfering from shops and offices
  • Increased safety to workers and the public
  • Provide evidence in the event of a crime
  • Reduce vandalism or abuse of an environment.

Types of CCTV installation Edinburgh

At AIM Fire and Security, we offer a range of different types of CCTV that is designed to meet the bespoke needs of our clients. There are many different types of CCTV systems that we can supply and install including;

  • Internal
  • External
  • Fixed
  • Fully functional pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ)
  • Covert cameras
  • Vandal resistant domes.

By helping you to choose the right cameras and CCTV systems, together we can make sure that you receive the results you are looking for. As well as designing camera installations, we can also help to choose the best hard drive recorder for your system and suggest the best ways to archive material such as on CD, DVD or USB.

For added peace of mind, we can also install CCTV with live feed, so that you can access live recordings via the internet wherever you are in the world. What’s more, you can also link your CCTV to other security systems such as intruder alarms and access control.

Upgrade your CCTV and security with AIM Fire and Security

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