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Intruder alarm systems Edinburgh can not only help to deter thieves and criminals but can also serve as invaluable peace of mind too. At AIM Fire and Security, we search the latest high-quality products on the market to ensure you have the highest standard of protection and reliability. Our industry experts can offer guidance on the best Intruder alarm systems Edinburgh as well as complete installation too.

While we use the latest technology in the products we recommend, did you know that intruder alarm systems started life in 386BC?

History of Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems have been popular for thousands of years. In fact, intruder alarms have been in use since as early back as 386BC. While less advanced, the Romans used to use geese to alert them of intruders. This was because intruders could slip past guards and dogs while there were asleep. However, geese would raise the alarm with angry cackling.

Livestock continued to be the intruder alarm system of choice for many years. Even to this day, people still have pets that serve as a deterrent to intruders.

In the 1700s, intruder alarms progressed. The English inventor Tildesley created an intruder door alarm. This used chimes that would mechanically play when linked to the door look. If an intruder tried to open the door, chimes would sound, and the homeowner would wake up.

Advancing to the 1850s when an inventor from Boston combined electricity and magnets to create an intruder alarm. When windows or doors were opened, a circuit would break causing a bell to ring. By 1853, the inventor Augustus Pope filed a patent for the device.

Pope then sells the patent to Edwin Holmes who then created an intruder alarm business. To do this day, intruder alarm systems continue to advance, providing more security and peace of mind to the property owner.

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