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Ensuring your fire safety equipment is properly installed and fitted is vital for protecting the safety of your property and the people within it. Getting fire safety equipment installed Peebles is part of making sure that your property or business is meeting its legal requirements when it comes to fire safety laws.

It is a legal requirement for all buildings to have some form of fire-detection and warning system in place, and the type of detectors required will depend on the usage and type of the property. All business premises are required also to have fire fighting equipment that has been properly fitted by a qualified professional.

Types Of Fire Safety Equipment

The breakout of a fire can not only devastate properties but also lives. Having fire safety equipment installed Peebles will ensure you have the correct equipment in place to minimise the damage should a fire occur. This equipment includes fire and smoke alarms, which are a legal requirement for all business premises. They work as a vital detection system, giving as much warning as possible when a fire has started.

As well as having appropriate fire and smoke alarms in place, it is also essential that buildings have correct fire fighting equipment. This includes having the right fire extinguishers in place and in good working order. The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire Safety Scotland Regulations state that all fire extinguishers must be serviced by a competent person every twelve months.

Getting Fire Safety Equipment Installed Peebles

To ensure your fire safety equipment is in full working order and meeting all legal requirements, you must get a professional in. Getting fire safety equipment installed Peebles is essential as the Fire Safety Order 2006 states that all fire alarms and equipment must be maintained and installed by a competent person.

At AIM Fire and Security, we professionally fit all required fire safety equipment for business and residential properties. We ensure that all systems put in place meet the maximum safety requirements, which help to protect both lives and premises from a fire.