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For businesses, a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement. At AIM Fire and Security, we conduct fire risk assessment Edinburgh and across Scotland. While a fire risk assessment is a compulsory activity, many businesses are unaware of what is involved in a fire risk assessment and why they are so important.

To help businesses to have a greater understanding of what a fire risk assessment Edinburgh involves, here’s our what you need to know mini-guide.

What You Need To Know About Fire Risk Assessment Edinburgh

  1. The Law

Businesses have a legal obligation to conduct a fire risk assessment. The law covers a range of premises and businesses such as;

  • Care homes, hospitals and care facilities
  • Offices, shops and restaurants
  • Pubs, clubs and community halls
  • Schools, sports centres, clubhouses, places of worship
  • Tents and marquees
  • Hostels, hotels, guest houses and B&Bs
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Community premises.

The law does not, however, cover premises such as;

  • Individual flats
  • Private homes
  • Underground mines
  • Off-shore installations
  • Anything that flies, floats or runs on wheels unless it is static and used as a premise.
  • In Scotland, the law does not apply to common areas in flats and houses of multiple occupation. However, it does in England and Wales.
  1. The Responsibility

The person who is responsible for conducting or arranging fire risk assessment Edinburgh is anyone that have significant control over the premises or the activities on the premises. Responsibility may be shared between a number of people.

Do you need a fire risk assessment Edinburgh?

AIM Fire and Security can conduct a fire risk assessment Edinburgh and across Scotland on behalf of your organisation. Receive your free quote and book your risk assessment by filling in our quick contact form.