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A fire can break out at almost any time, and the consequences of a fire can devastate both lives and properties. Whether you are running a home or business premises, having the correct fire and smoke detection equipment is essential.

It isn’t always easy to know the most appropriate fire safety equipment for your property, and that is where a fire protection consultant Scotland can help. We can help you to understand where the potential fire risks lie for your business or house, and how to best prevent a fire from starting.

What is a fire protection consultant Scotland?

A fire protection consultant Scotland can help you to protect your property, family and colleagues from fire. We work hard to keep both people and buildings of all kinds safe from the devastation that a fire can cause. As fire protection consultants, we can help you to ensure compliance and improve your overall fire safety through properly installed equipment and well-planned procedures. AIM Fire and Security can help with:

  • Fire Alarms: A fire alarm is an essential fire detection system that is designed to give people as much warning as possible to leave the building safely. Fire alarms will also provide the fire services with the opportunity to arrive as quickly as possible and reduce the potential damage caused.
  • Fire Extinguishers: Every building should have a fire extinguisher somewhere, and business premises will be required to have a range of fire extinguishers. As a fire protection consultant Scotland, we offer fire extinguisher servicing, which ensures the safety and functionality of your fire extinguishers once a year as required by law.
  • Security Systems: We can also assist with various security systems, including intruder alarms. CCTV and access control. These systems can be useful in preventing fires by restricting access to unauthorised people and by monitoring your property on an ongoing basis.