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If you have fire extinguishers on your premises, then you are responsible for keeping them serviced. Signing up for a fire extinguisher service Edinburgh can take the burden of remembering off your shoulders.

Why Do You Need To Get Your Fire Extinguishers Serviced?

It is a legal requirement for all portable fire extinguishers to be serviced every year. A competent person should undertake this work. 

This process ensures that you can always rely on the extinguishers. In the event that you need to use an extinguisher, it needs to work correctly, the first time. Otherwise, it could be a risk to safety.

What Should You Expect from a Fire Extinguisher Service?

You should expect that the service you hire will send an experienced professional to your premises. The technician should check each extinguisher for any signs of damage, such as dents or scratches, or any signs of rust or corrosion. The technician will remove the hose in order to fully identify any signs of splitting, rust or fraying. The technician will also make a full check of the tamper seal and the locking mechanism. The weight and pressure of extinguishers will be checked to make sure that the contents are correct.

During the visit, you should expect the technician to also advise you about any other fire protection equipment you have on-site. These annual visits are an opportunity to review all of your other fire protection measures to make sure that they are still up to date and providing you with full protection, even if there have been some changes in the layout or arrangements of your buildings.

Do You Need a Fire Extinguisher Service Edinburgh?

If you are in Edinburgh and need to arrange for a fire extinguisher service Edinburgh then contact AIM Fire and Security. We can provide a full and professional service for any sized premises no matter how many extinguishers there you have.