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When it comes to fire safety, businesses can never be too careful. As fire can be destructive to lives, property and businesses, having the right fire alarm is essential. At AIM Fire and Security, we supply and fit commercial fire alarms Edinburgh and the surrounding areas for safety and peace of mind.

Types of Fire Alarms Edinburgh

Wireless fire alarms are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the many benefits they can provide. However, are wireless fire alarms Edinburgh right for your organisation?

Wireless fire alarms that AIM Fire and Security offer meet both the European Standards for fire alarms (EN54) and the British Standards for fire alarms (BS5839). With many manufacturers producing high-quality wireless fire alarms, there is a greater amount of choice available. This means the technicians at AIM Fire and Security can source the right fire alarm for your needs.

What are the benefits of wireless fire alarms?

  • They are just as reliable as wired systems
  • Wireless fire alarms are quick to install causing minimum business disruption
  • Easy to install in buildings with limited access
  • Continue to protect your business even when the power goes out
  • You can use them to extend the range of your current wired system.

While wireless fire alarms offer many benefits, the hardware is typically more expensive than for a wired system. However, you can usually regain this cost through the labour and installation cost. Installation for wireless fire alarms Edinburgh will typically be cheaper than for a wired system.

Installing innovative fire alarms Edinburgh

AIM Fire and Security can offer a range of fire safety and security systems to help protect your business. If you are looking for a new fire alarm or upgrading an existing system, we can help. With our expertise, we can help you to find an ideal affordable fire solution. Simply get in touch for your FREE quote.