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Whether you are running a business or looking after your home, if you don’t have the correct fire and smoke detection equipment in place, the impact of a fire breaking out could be fatal. Fires devastate both properties and lives, and it is essential to give as much warning as possible of a fire through the use of fire and smoke detectors.


A fire alarm installer in Scotland can offer advice and guidance on what system is best for your property, as well as professionally installing it. Knowing which fire alarm system is going to work best for your individual property isn’t always easy, and we can help by providing fire alarm systems that can suit all types of premises.


Why do you need a fire alarm installer in Scotland?

A fire alarm system can be vital for saving lives in the event of a fire. It will give everyone in the building as much time as possible to evacuate safely before the fire spreads too far. Fire alarms also provide the fire services with as much time as possible to reach the fire and begin working on getting it under control to minimise the damage caused.


Businesses in Scotland have a legal requirement to equip their premises with suitable fire alarm systems. A fire alarm installer in Scotland will be able to get the correct system in place for your business and ensure that you are meeting all relevant legal requirements. The Fire Safety Order of 2006 states that all fire alarm systems are required to be professionally installed by a competent fire alarm installer in Scotland.


What is included when you choose a fire alarm installer in Scotland?

At Aim Fire and Security, we consider a number of different options for your unique premises and fire requirements. This includes:

  • Supplying the correct fire detectors
  • Choosing fire panels to suit your requirements
  • Designing the system’s connection and zoning
  • Connecting all sensors, detectors and sounders
  • Full system testing
  • Certifying the system meets all required standards.