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A fire alarm is an essential fire safety measure for all homes and businesses. At AIM Fire and Security, we offer fire alarm installation Edinburgh. To ensure you have the right fire alarm for your property this guide will help you see the differences in the different types of a commercial fire alarm.

Types of fire alarm installation Edinburgh

Zonal fire alarms

The most conventional type of fire alarm is a zonal fire alarm to uses a central control panel. The system is hardwired to a panel where you can control a number of different fire alarms across the property. With this type of fire alarm, you can have the ideal fire alarm for each zone of the property. However, management of the system is easy with just one control panel which you can monitor to make sure every alarm is functioning correctly.

Intelligent fire alarms

Intelligent fire alarms are also known as addressable fire alarms. They enable you to alternate and switch between a manual fire alarm system and an automatic fire alarm system. Every alarm will have its own address. The system can then allow you to monitor all of the alarms. With an intelligent system, you know exactly which alarm is sounding, not functioning, working or has a fault. These can be ideal for properties that cover a large area.

Hybrid fire alarms

A hybrid fire alarm is a combination of a conventional fire alarm and an intelligent fire alarm. A hybrid system uses addressable loops to manage all fire alarms on one single panel. This system uses technology where necessary but can still take advantage of well-functioning older systems which may potentially lower the cost.

If you want to find out more about the different types of fire alarm available and what is involved in fire alarm installation Edinburgh, then get in touch with the AIM Fire and Security team to find out more.