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At AIM Fire and Security we are experienced in CCTV installation Edinburgh. We are experts in a range of security and fire protection equipment and can help your home, business or property safe from danger. CCTV Installation Edinburgh is a popular choice as it works not only to prevent and deter criminals but also to serve as vital evidence if you need it.

How Does CCTV work?

In simple terms, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) has just four components. It has a camera and lens, a monitor and a recording device. The camera is considered the most essential component as technically the camera can operate on its own, much like an ordinary camera.

In CCTV devices, the camera will usually come with a motor. This motor can help to enable the zoom function of the camera. Depending on the lens, the camera in the CCTV can zoom in on the activity you want to monitor. Whatever is picked up by the camera is then transferred to the monitor and recorded.

Why Choose CCTV?

CCTV is commonly used in properties and on land to increase its security. The CCTV will often have multiple cameras with a central monitor keeping track of all activity. Most CCTV devices will use wireless transmission to send the images that have been recorded to the monitors. The monitors can then store a copy of activity for future viewing.

Of course, the significant benefit of CCTV is the fact it can provide security for your property 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system can warn intruders, with onsite audio. It can also trigger alerts of suspicious activity. However, it is perhaps best used as a deterrent or as proof if a situation does occur.

Do You Have A Question About CCTV Installation Edinburgh?

If you have a question about CCTV installation Edinburgh, please get in touch with the team at AIM Fire and Security, for free advice and support.