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Your home is the place where you want to feel entirely safe, comfortable and relaxed. AIM Fire and Security want to help give you peace of mind at home with intruder alarm installation Peebles. If you live in Peebles or the surrounding areas, our team offer quality intruder alarm installation Peebles. So, just why should you install an intruder alarm system? Here are seven reasons why;

Intruder alarm installation Peebles – 7 reasons why

  1. Protect your family from intruders

Having security at home protects your family. In fact, homes without security are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by an intruder. An intruder alarm system works as a great deterrent.

  1. Protection from fire

Many of the modern, sophisticated intruder alarms also come complete with an early warning smoke detection system too. This can keep you safe in the event of a fire.

  1. Protect valuables

Your home will be full of expensive and sentimental items that you wouldn’t want to lose. Help protect them with intruder alarm installation Peebles.

  1. Protection from carbon monoxide poisoning

Again, some sophisticated home security systems come complete with carbon monoxide and smoke detection alarms, giving you three benefits in one.

  1. Peace of mind while you’re away

If you go on holiday or travel a lot, then you can relax knowing that your intruder alarm system has got you covered.

  1. Lower insurance premiums

Home insurers will love the homes that have put protection measures in place and will reduce their premiums accordingly as your property will be seen as lower risk.

  1. Be at home when you’re not at home

With some systems, you can remotely monitor your home when you’re away. This is ideal for checking up on pets, your children as well as deterring intruders.

Find your perfect intruder alarm system by getting in touch with AIM Fire and Security in Peebles on 0131 510 1151